How To Apply For Nursing Internship Program: Requirements and Salary

How To Apply For Nursing Internship Program: Requirements and Salary

 Nursing Internship Program

How to Apply For Nursing Internship Program

The Nursing Internship Program is a one-year paid work-in-training program designed to connect University Graduate Nurses’ theoretical and clinical knowledge with actual Nursing Responsibilities and practices in a hospital context.

In this article, we discuss the need to know information about How To Apply For Nursing Internship Program: requirements and salary

Reason for Nursing Internship Program

Nursing internships give nursing graduates hands-on experience that will benefit their future professions. The following are the importance of internships for nursing graduates;

  • A nursing internship improves leadership abilities in conflict management
  • It provides Interns with the chance to grow as individuals by improving communication skills, developing confidence, and acquiring fresh views.
  • it provides interns with the ability to apply taught information and behaviors in real-world circumstances
  • it assists interns in developing delegation and time management skills
  • It allows interns to employ sound clinical judgment and critical thinking abilities throughout the patient care process.

Duration for nursing internship

The set period for the internship program varies according to the nursing licensing council of a country.

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The Nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria approves 12 months (1 year) for graduate nurses to undergo their internships


The nursing internship is a twelve-month program established specifically for university graduate nurses to provide the experience and the chance to apply their academic knowledge in real-life circumstances.

The program provides university graduates with the chance to achieve expertise, gain experience, be exposed to real-life settings, and receive insight into a professional path.

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In contrast to School of Nursing graduates, University graduate nurses must finish this program before they may obtain a permanent license to practice.

Nursing Internship Requirements

Depending on the hospital, an application letter or form is required

  • cv/resume
  • Passport
  • Senior secondary school certificate
  • Degree cert or testimonial
  • Nursing license
  • Birth certificate
  • LGA identification

Should schools of nursing graduates apply for internships?

The internship program was established for graduates from accredited universities to increase the hours of clinical experience acquired, most schools of nursing graduates have already achieved that many clinical experience hours so they do not require to do the 12-month internship program

Where can the internship be done?

University graduates can apply for internships in the following institutions:

  • Federal Teaching Hospitals
  • State Teaching Hospital
  • Federal Medical Centers
  • Military Hospitals among others.

Issues faced in internships

  • Graduate Nurses are poorly and incorrectly placed in comparison to other healthcare professions.
  •  Many internship advertisements exclude nurse interns.
  • Unethical methods in the selection of interns
  • When nurse interns eventually find a place to work, they are not provided with housing.

How much is the internship salary?

 The intern wage for nursing in private hospitals is between NGN 50,000 and NGN80,000, whereas it ranges between NGN 70,000 and NGN 120,000 at teaching institutions.

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Where to Look for internship offers

  • Employers send recruiters to job fairs to meet with students searching for employment or internships. Some career fairs and nurse recruiters specialize solely in the healthcare field.
  • Employers may host recruitment events to reach out to potential students when they are looking for new workers or have internship positions.
  • Nursing school alumni networks allow students to meet other nurses who graduated from the same institution and wish to support other graduates. They may offer internship information or make personal suggestions.
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Need help getting applying for an internship?

Internship applications are one of the stressful processes graduate nurses dread to engage in, having to travel from one city to another and not being sure of getting the job.

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Nursing is a highly regarded profession both nationally and globally, and it is our obligation to develop collaborative efforts with all key stakeholders in the education and health sectors in order to elevate the profession to the pinnacle of perfection.

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