The top Four (4) Easiest Countries To Work As A Nurse

You can’t deny the remarkable work nurses do regularly in the healthcare system. In this article, we look at the easiest country to work as a nurse. If you are a nurse with high hopes of leaving for other countries, you might want to read this to the end with rapt attention.

On a norm, behind all of the excellent work we celebrate nurses for, many things happen behind the scenes that people aren’t privy to. For instance, no one seems to talk about the exorbitant tuition fees that must be paid to write licensure examinations.

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Nonetheless, some countries have a good understanding of the initial struggles nurses have to battle past. They can create an enabling environment for these nurses to transition smoothly into the work environment.

 Easiest Country To Work As A Nurse

Easiest Country To Work As A Nurse

This is why they are referred to as the easiest country to work as a nurse. In this article, we will mention about four of them.

New Zealand

With a thriving public and private healthcare system, New Zealand is considered one of the easiest countries to work as a nurse. The New Zealand government heavily supports its healthcare, with the industry taking up 10% of the GDP.

This enormous economic support is why the nurses working in New Zealand enjoy the best of modern health facilities and technology. In fact, you should take New Zealand seriously if you are a nurse specialized in a particular field because the demand for specialized nurses is projected to rise to a total of 250,000 by 2030.

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There is a bias in employment because 41% of nurses are trained overseas.

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This is in addition to the mouthwatering salary of between £39,000 to £45,000 you get, which is sure to rise as you take up higher roles.


Australia is considered the second easiest country to work as a nurse, and this is very understandable considering the massive involvement the government has in the healthcare system. With this level of support, nurses who work in Australia have access to some of the world’s best healthcare equipment.

Nowhere else is the demand for nurses more pronounced than in Australia. This and the decent work environment nurses in Australia get to work in has pulled in many expat nurses from countries you think should be dream places for Australians.

For nurses from the UK, Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, or New Zealand, your qualifications are considered to be in tandem with the standards set by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board making your visa application process easier. Regardless, all foreign nurses are expected to take a proficiency English test.

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In Australia, huge investments go towards the improvement of your skills and knowledge as a nurse, especially for those who are expat nurses. As you work to the top of your nursing career, you get the chance to improve your portfolio.

You also have access to healthcare insurance in Australia; however, this comes at a cost, especially if you are one of the high-salary earners. With an average salary of between £44,000 and £58,000, you are in for a comfortable lifestyle.


If you wish to work as a nurse, Denmark isn’t the wrong choice. Apart from being the best place to work as a nurse in Europe, in terms of support and organization of the healthcare system, every other healthcare professional reports high levels of job satisfaction.

For expats from countries that are members of the European Union, there is no need for a work visa in Denmark. Nonetheless, all foreign nurses must get proper authorization to work in Denmark.

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Language can pose an issue for expat nurses since the official language is Danish. The workplace in Denmark is quite different from what is obtainable in other countries. There isn’t any obvious hierarchy, and all health professionals in the system go by their first names only.

Nurses have more responsibilities and independence compared to other countries.

For those looking to work as a nurse in what is arguably the third easiest country in the world, the annual average salary is £78,000 per year.

United States of America

Those who work as nurses in the United States have the private healthcare system to thank. This is because these nurses have access to some of the best healthcare facilities and state-of-the-art technology. The annual wage of £88,000 is a great allure for those who intend to work in the fourth easiest country to work as a nurse.

There is little issue with the visa application process. It can take as long as a year to organize your papers, even after you have presented an employment letter.

In the US, every state has its rules, so it is important before you travel over to come work as a nurse in the United States, that you do your due diligence and find out the requirements for your dream state. Bear in mind also that each state’s license is only valid in that state. However, there is the multistate license that should work best for you if you will be travelling from state to state.

As an expat nurse in the United States, there are numerous benefits you can enjoy. There are bargain relocation budgets and free flights to move there. In fact, some employers in the United States offer access to continuing education with payment from them.


If you did notice, the four easiest countries to work as a nurse are the best in their respective continents. Working as a nurse in any of these countries is one way you can ease up the difficulty of a fulfilled nursing career.

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