15 Nursing Schools Do not Require Teas Test

15 Nursing Schools Do not Require Teas Test

Aspiring nurses, rejoice! 15 Nursing Schools Do not Require Teas Test. Winter Haven, Florida, welcomes you with an exciting array of TEAS-free nursing programs, opening doors to your dream profession.

Whether you envision a rapid entry into the field or a comprehensive four-year degree, flexible online learning, or traditional classroom settings, this guide illuminates your perfect program match.

So, shed those test anxieties and prepare to delve into the diverse educational landscape that Winter Haven presents:

15 Nursing Schools Do not Require Teas Test

  • Polk State College:

Earn your Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at this esteemed institution, known for its quality education and varied program options.

  • Ridge Technical College:

Their fast-paced, one-year Practical Nursing Diploma program equips you with the essential skills needed to jumpstart your nursing career.

  • Southeastern University:

Immerse yourself in a traditional four-year BSN program, gaining the robust theoretical and practical knowledge for a successful nursing journey.

  • Barry University, ACE – Winter Haven:

Balance your work and studies seamlessly with their accelerated 18-month BSN program, designed specifically for working adults seeking career advancement.

  • University of South Florida:

Explore their diverse nursing programs, including an RN-to-BSN option, all without requiring the TEAS test.

  • Florida National University:

Delve into a flexible yet rigorous learning environment with their online BSN program, offering convenience and academic excellence.

  • Keiser University:

Pursue your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at this accredited institution, emphasizing practical application and workforce preparation.

  • Saint Leo University:

 Their unique Accelerated Second-Degree BSN program caters to individuals with a bachelor’s degree in another field, offering a quicker path to nursing.

  • Herzing University:

Explore their online Associate Degree in Nursing program, allowing you to study at your own pace while gaining valuable clinical experience.

  •  Rasmussen College:

 Consider their Associate of Science in Nursing degree, available online and featuring dedicated faculty support.

  • Hodges University:

Their Bachelor of Science in Nursing program blends online convenience with hands-on learning experiences, preparing you for diverse nursing roles.

  • Chamberlain University:

 This esteemed institution offers various online nursing programs, including an accelerated BSN option, catering to diverse needs and schedules.

  • Western Governors University:

Pursue your nursing degree online at your own pace with WGU’s competency-based approach, focusing on prior learning and skill assessment.

  • Nightingale College:

Explore their online Associate Degree in Nursing program, designed for career-changers and individuals seeking a flexible learning format.

  • Masmussen University:

Consider their Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, offered online and focusing on evidence-based practice and ethical care delivery.


Is tea necessary for nursing students?

It may be necessary for applicants to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) in order to be admitted to nursing school. Although many do not, not all nursing schools require applicants to submit their TEAS results. Thus, prospective pupils ought to get ready for the TEAS exam.

What is the TEAS test for nursing Texas?

The 170 questions on the ATI TEAS test are divided into two formats: alternate-type questions and multiple-choice questions with four possible answers. There are 20 pretest questions that are not scored and 150 scored questions. The exam gives students 209 minutes to finish.

What is the T test for nursing?

Nursing programs evaluate applicants using a standardized test called the Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS. The purpose of the exam is to assess a candidate’s preparation for nursing school. The four primary subject areas covered by the TEAS exam are reading, arithmetic, science, and English and language usage.


As you close this guide, remember, the TEAS test is not the final word on your nursing dreams.

Winter Haven offers a vibrant tapestry of TEAS-free programs, each a unique thread waiting to be woven into your personal journey.

Embrace the possibilities, explore the options, and choose the path that resonates with your academic goals, learning style, and career aspirations.

With dedication, the right program, and a compassionate heart, you can transform your passion for nursing into a fulfilling reality.

 So, step forward with confidence, knowing that the perfect educational foundation awaits, ready to empower you to make a difference in the lives you touch. The future of healthcare beckons – answer its call, and embark on your remarkable nursing journey today!

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