entrepreneurship in nursing

Entrepreneurship in Nursing: How to became a Nurse Entrepreneur


This article outlines the concept of entrepreneurship in nursing, the problems faced in this field, and the steps that one can follow to become an entrepreneur in the field of nursing.

Nurse entrepreneurs address shortcomings in the present healthcare delivery system by promoting the creation of specific goods and services, as well as improved technology, software, and safety procedures.

Concept of entrepreneurship in nursing

The concept of entrepreneurship was first explored in economic circles. It has, however, expanded to other fields of knowledge, such as social, political, and institutional knowledge.

Entrepreneurship has been present in nursing since the nineteenth century, with Florence Nightingale pioneering work in the care of troops during the Crimean War and the establishment of the School of Nursing at Saint Thomas Hospital, laying the scientific underpinnings of the profession. Other entrepreneurial leaders in nursing include Anna Nery, who worked in the treatment of the injured during the Paraguayan War, and Wanda de Aguiar Horta, the profession’s first Brazilian theorist.

Nursing entrepreneurship is critical for the profession’s visibility and consolidation as science, technology, and innovation in the most diverse contexts and sectors of operation.

Who is a Nurse entrepreneur?

A nurse entrepreneur is described as “the owner of a business that provides direct care, educational, research, administrative, or advisory nursing services.” One  N/E may establish their companies to create and market medical items or technology, provide direct patient care or patient advocacy, teach or train other professionals or community members, or give healthcare-related advice, among other things.

Nurse are vital in the creation and advancement of innovative medical applications, information systems, medical record monitoring software, home health goods, and other items.

What is the role of entrepreneurship in nursing industry?

Common roles and tasks performed by nurse entrepreneurs include, but are not restricted to:

  • Using nursing education and expertise to launch healthcare-related business initiatives
  • Obtaining funding
  • Accounting, payroll, and tax preparation
  • Employee recruitment and management
  • Marketing their company to acquire new clients and keep existing ones
  • Providing healthcare products
  • Providing nurse services such as nursing education, consultation, and direct patient care

Where Do Nurse Entrepreneurs Work?

Nurse entrepreneurs can operate in several contexts, including in their own offices, as independent nurse contractors in hospitals or clinics, in-home healthcare visiting patients, or as nurse educators. Nurse entrepreneurs have the option to create their hours and work settings according to the business they develop.

Issues of entrepreneurship in nursing

The following are factors that serve as a barrier to entrepreneurship nursing;

  • Lack of business competence and skill
  • Economic constraints
  • Lack of support from colleagues and society

How to become a nurse entrepreneur

Prospective nurse entrepreneurs, like other nursing professionals, must first obtain a nursing degree and become licensed.

Individuals should spend a few years working in the sector obtaining appropriate experience to properly grasp what the nursing business demands as well as the chances that exist within it.

 In addition, nurse entrepreneurs will profit immensely from mastering accounting, business management, psychology, marketing, and other skills.

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Here are 5 skills and qualifications needed as a N/E;

  • Proven professional nursing experience in the appropriate area of expertise and an RN license  or BSN degree
  • Basic business knowledge and capabilities (e.g., accounting, marketing, ability to manage staff)
  • The ability to work autonomously and the willingness to accept personal financial risk

How much do Nurse entrepreneurs earn?

As nurse entrepreneurs (N/E) are self-employed, determining the typical salary for people in the sector is challenging. The amount a N/E gets is determined by their willingness to labor, the precise company niche they are in, and their level of success.

While not as secure as regular employment, a job as a nurse can be more lucrative than a traditional RN post.

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