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Twifo Nursing Training: A Comprehension Guide

Twifo Nursing Training College Application Forms are now officially available online thanks to the Ministry of Health. Therefore, prospective applicants are officially invited to submit an application for admission to any of Ghana’s Public Health Training Institutions. The Nursing Training Forms for the next academic year are currently on sale.

Twifo Nursing Training college Application forms

Do you intend to enrol in any programmes for the next academic year at Twifo Praso Nursing Training College? Do you need details about Twifo Praso Nursing Training College Awaiting Forms for the 2023–2024 Academic Year?

Your tension is being relieved by this website. Find an easy method to monitor and safeguard the forms that Twifo Praso Nursing Training College has requested from you.

2023–2024 Twifo Praso Nursing Training College Awaiting Forms: Twifo Praso Nursing Training College is accepting applications from qualified and enthusiastic candidates. All candidates must carefully read the instructions before submitting their applications before the deadline.

Who Is Eligible For Admission To The 2023–2024 Twifo Praso Nursing Training College:

  • Holders of the WASSCE: CREDIT (A1-C6) in six (6) courses, three (3) of which are core subjects (including English language and core mathematics) and three (3) of which are electives that are relevant to the study programme.
  • Holders of the SSSCE: CREDIT (A-D) in six (6) topics, including three (3) Core subjects (English Language and Core Mathematics) and three (3) Elective subjects (related to the duration of the study).
  • holders of TVET qualifications with CREDIT in three core subjects, including English and mathematics, and PASSES in three elective subjects pertinent to the study programme.
  • You may also apply if you’re a candidate awaiting the MAY/JUNE, 2023 WASSCE, and NABPTEX RESULTS.

Twifo Praso Nursing Training College Forms 2023/2024

Candidate must:

  • Purchase an application code for one hundred Ghana Cedis (GH$100.00) at any Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) or Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) branch. (This includes the cost of verification of results, SMS notifications and any other communication).

Since all communication will be sent by SMS or email, postage-paid envelopes are not necessary. Therefore, the applicant has to have a personal phone number and email account.

  • Following payment, the applicant will get a voucher with a special PIN and a Serial number.
  • Visit to get the application form online.
    To log in and access the application form that has to be filled out, use your PIN number.
  • Enter your pin number and the serial number you bought from the bank. Keep in mind that the PIN and Serial number are the only ways to access the online registration form.
  • Once the online application form is launched, carefully follow the instructions and complete the necessary admission procedure phases. Before moving on to the next page, save the prior one that is completed.
  • On the printed form, the applicant’s particular ID (reference number) will be visible.
  • With the help of this reference number, you may monitor your admissions application’s progress and learn if you’ve been accepted or not, invited for an interview, etc.

Courses for Nurses that are Well Described

Nursing assistant (CHN, HAC)

Nursing aides or CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) are other names for nursing assistants. These nursing professionals serve as the first point of contact between patients and medical personnel, and the position may be a springboard for many nurses. Nursing aides assist patients with bathing, dressing, eating, using the restroom, and other everyday tasks. Patients are moved between beds and wheelchairs while being monitored for vital signs and health issues. In order to provide care for their patients, they also visit them at home. CHNs often do immunisation, weighing, and school health screening.

Registered Nurse (RN)

Most people often think of registered general nurses (RNs) when they hear the word “nurse.” They take on a broad range of duties while providing inpatient care. They must keep track of patients’ medical histories, keep an eye on symptoms and medical equipment, dispense medication, create or contribute to a care plan, conduct diagnostic tests, and work along with physicians in a hospital environment.

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Registered Community Nurse (RCN)

The main responsibilities of Registered Community Nursing, a three-year diploma programme, include educating the public about concerns relating to health and safety, immunisation, home visits, and acting as a Registered Nurse (RN) in hospital settings. The Nursing and Midwifery Council accredits RCNs to practice.

Admission Requirements in the courses listed above

Nursing assistant (CHN, HAC)

CategoryAge LimitOverall AggregateCore SubjectsMinimum GradesElective SubjectsMinimum Grades
WASSCE18 – 35 yearsAggregate 36 or betterEnglish LanguageC6 or betterThree elective subjectsC6 or better
MathematicsD7 or better
Integrated ScienceD7 or better
SSSCE18 – 35 yearsAggregate 24 or betterEnglish LanguageD or betterThree core subjectsD or better
Mathematics (Core)D or better
Integrated Science (Core)D or better

Registered Nurse (RN)

CriteriaMinimum Requirement
Age18 years and above
Overall AggregateWASSCE: A1-C6 (Aggregate 36 or better) <br> SSCE: A-D (Aggregate 24 or better)
Core SubjectsWASSCE: English Language (A1-C6) <br> Mathematics (A1-C6) <br> Integrated Science (A1-C6) <br> Social Studies (A1-C6) <br> SSCE: English Language (A-D) <br> Mathematics (A-D) <br> Integrated Science (A-D) <br> Social Studies (A-D)
Elective SubjectsWASSCE: Three elective subjects (A1-C6) <br> SSCE: Three elective subjects (A-D)

Registered Community Nurse (RCN)

Age18 – 35 years18 – 35 years
Overall AggregateThe aggregate score of 24 or betterAn aggregate score of 24 or better
Core Subjects and Minimum GradesCredit (A1-C6) in three core subjectsCredit (A-D) in three core subjects
Elective Subjects and Minimum Grades (Optional)Credit (A1-C6) in three electivesCredit (A-D) in three electives


Aspiring nurses may get training and study at the reputed Twifo Praso Nursing Training College. The institution, which is situated in Twifo Praso, provides courses like Registered Community Nursing (RCN) to provide students with the skills and information they need to succeed as healthcare professionals.

The college has particular entrance standards with an emphasis on generating highly competent nurses. Prospective students must fulfil age requirements, which commonly vary from 18 to 35 years of age.

They must also get a minimum overall score in the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) or the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). The needed total aggregate score is a moving target that should be confirmed with the institution directly.

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