Mampong Nursing Training

Mampong Nursing Training program

Mampong Nursing Training College 2023/2024 Programmes and Requirements: Maase Offinso Community Health Nurses Training College offers a variety of programmes, each with certain prerequisites.

So you’ve made the decision to pursue a midwifery profession. I love that! The field of midwifery offers tremendous financial benefits, and Asante Mampong Midwifery is a premier training facility.

However, you must apply before you may begin your course. This article will walk you through each stage of the application process for the Asante Mampong Midwifery Training College.

In order to apply to the Training College for the different programmes, prospective students should follow the prerequisites for each course as a reference.

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Courses offered At Mampong Nursing Training College

Auxiliary Courses

The auxiliary courses are two-year nursing certificate programmes.

  • Community Health Nursing (CHN) Now Nurse assistance Preventive (NAP)
  • Health Assistant Clinical (HAC)

Diploma Course

The three-year duration of the diploma programmes.

  • Registered General Nursing (RGN)
  • Registered Mental Nursing
  • Registered Midwifery (Females only)
  • Registered Community Nursing (RCN) Now Public Health Nurse (PHN)

Auxiliary Programmes

CriteriaAgeOverall AggregateCore Subjects (Minimum Grades)Elective Subjects (Minimum Grades)
WASSCE18 – 35 yearsAggregate 36 or betterCredit (A1-C6) in 3 core subjects: English, Mathematics, and Integrated ScienceCredit (A1-C6) in 3 elective subjects
SSCE18 – 35 yearsAggregate 24 or betterPasses (A-D) in 3 core subjects: English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated SciencePasses (A-D) in 3 elective subjects

Basic Programmes

Requirements for Basic Nursing Programmes at Offinso Nursing Training CollegeWASSCESSCE
Age18 – 35 years18 – 35 years
Overall AggregateThe aggregate score of not more than 36Aggregate score of not more than 36
Core Subjects and Minimum GradesEnglish Language – C6English Language – 6
Mathematics – C6Mathematics – 6
Integrated Science – C6Integrated Science – 6
Social Studies – C6Social Studies – 6
Elective Subjects and Minimum Grades (Select any three)Chemistry – C6/B3Chemistry – 6/3
Physics – C6/B3Physics – 6/3
Biology – C6/B3Biology – 6/3
Elective Mathematics – C6/B3Elective Mathematics – 6/3
General Agriculture – C6/B3General Agriculture – 6/3

Diploma Programmes

ProgrammesAgeOverall AggregateCore SubjectsMinimum GradesElective Subjects
Minimum Grades
General Nursing18 – 35A1 – C6English, Maths,A – D
Science, and
any two from
Social Studies,
Biology, and
Chemistry or
Midwifery18 – 35A1 – C6English, Maths,A – D
Science, and
any two from
Social Studies,
Biology, and
Chemistry or
Community Health18 – 35A1 – C6English, Maths,A – D
NursingScience, and
any two from
Social Studies,
Biology, and
Chemistry or
Health Assistant18 – 35A1 – C6English, Maths,A – D
ClinicalScience, and
any two from
Social Studies,
Biology, and
Chemistry or Physics

Application Process for Mampong Nursing Training School

Admissions forms for Ghana’s nursing and health training institutions for the 2018–19 academic year are available at Mampong Nursing Training School. The steps listed below must be followed when submitting an application to be considered for admission.
Candidates should be aware that only those who satisfy the entrance criteria for nursing training will be invited for an interview.

See the steps for applying to Mampong Nursing Training School below.
Candidate must:

  • For one hundred Ghana cedis (GH$100), you may purchase an application code from any branch of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) or the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB). (This includes the cost of verification of results, SMS notifications and any other communication).

Since all communication will be sent by SMS or email, postage-paid envelopes are not necessary. Therefore, the applicant has to have a personal phone number and email account.

  • Following payment, the applicant will get a voucher with a special PIN and a Serial number.
  • Visit to get the application form online.
    To log in and access the application form that has to be filled out, use your PIN number.
  • Enter your pin number and the serial number you bought from the bank. Keep in mind that the PIN and Serial number are the only ways to access the online registration form.
  • Once the online application form is launched, carefully follow the instructions and complete the necessary admission procedure phases. Before moving on to the next page, save the prior one that is completed.
  • On the printed form, the applicant’s particular ID (reference number) will be visible.
  • With the help of this reference number, you may monitor your admissions application’s progress and learn if you’ve been accepted or not, invited for an interview, etc.


It’s not difficult to apply to the Asante Mampong midwifery programme, but it’s crucial to make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork and information before you begin. Use this detailed instruction manual to make the procedure simple and stress-free.

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