How to work as a Nurse in New Zealand: A Complete Guide

New Zealand is famous for its top-notch healthcare. How to work as a nurse in New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you can make for your nursing practice. However, like in other places, you must apply to the nursing council before practicing.

Let us delve into some steps you will take if you wish to work as a nurse in New Zealand.

Professional Document Verification

CGFNS International is known to provide certification verification services for foreign-based health professionals, including nurses who wish to live and work in New Zealand. This immigration organization provides a safe and straightforward method for foreign-educated nurses to have their credentials confirmed.

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As soon as CGFNS vets your identity and academic documents, they will prepare a report which assesses your profile before it is sent to the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

How to work as a Nurse in New Zealand

Language Proficiency Tests

Aside from nurses trained in Australia, if you want to work as a nurse in New Zealand, you must be able to demonstrate your proficiency in the English language. Your ability to communicate through writing, listening, and speaking English should reflect these test results.

For instance, in the Occupational English Test, you must score at least a B in all categories. And, with the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), scoring a seven is the barest minimum

Mind you, besides nurses trained in Australia, those who had their education in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, or even the United States are exempted from these proficiency tests. This also applies to those who also practiced or registered in these countries.

Demand for CGFNS to tender the Report to the New Zealand Nursing Council

It usually takes about three working days to receive your report. As soon as CGFNS readies the report, you will receive an email notification indicating your registration before the organization sends it to the Nursing Council in New Zealand.

Application to the New Zealand Nursing Council

Before the New Zealand Nursing Council can validate your registration, your application will be weighed against seven registration standards. In addition, you will be required to declare your fitness for registration and to complete a criminal history check which is usually valid for six months.

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Every application would be evaluated based on educational qualifications and experience. However, for your application to be deemed successful, the following things are worthy of note:

Post-registration experience, which includes how recent your practice is.
Ability to meet the recommendations of competence for the registration of nurses or midwives in New Zealand.
Presentation of evidence of good speaking and listening skills for those who have English as their second language.

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Evaluation of theoretical and clinical aspects of nursing and midwifery in view of the new syllables in New Zealand.

It is at this stage that successful applicants receive a letter implying approval of their application. These applicants would have to furnish the Council with further information. On the other hand, the applicant will be required to undergo extra training via a Compatibility Assessment Programme through an approved facility in New Zealand.

Registration Fees

  • Nursing Council application and processing fee: $485 NZD
  • CGFNS credentials verification service fee: $300 USD

There are also other costs like:

  • Translation of original documents to English if the need arises.
  • Competence Assessment Programme fees, in any event, you are undertaking the program.
  • International Criminal History Check, which costs AUD $149

Competence Assessment Programme (CAP)

Upon application for registration with the New Zealand Nursing Council, some don’t meet the requirements set by the council. These applicants have to undergo further training experience through the Department of Nursing in an educational institution in New Zealand.

The length of training isn’t arbitrary. It is dependent on how long the Nursing Council seems necessary. Your responsibility to accept their recommendations and inform them of your acceptance. You wouldn’t be registered with the New Zealand Nursing Council until you have completed the program.

By the way, before you can participate in this assessment programme, you must have taken the English Proficiency Test with at least an IELTS score of 7 in all categories or a B in OET in all categories. Of course, you will have to show the decision letter that indicates your need for an additional program. Finally, a health test would need to be done to ascertain your immunity.

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Completing the registration process qualifies you for an annual practicing certificate which allows you to work as a nurse in New Zealand.

Work Visas/Permits

As a New Zealand citizen, you don’t need a permit to work as a nurse in New Zealand. But, for noncitizens, the case is different. First, for Australian citizens, a work permit isn’t required to work as a nurse in New Zealand. This also applies to holders of current Australian permanent residency. For non-Australians who don’t have this, you will need this work visa.

Whether you want to work as a nurse in New Zealand temporarily or permanently, there are different visas you can apply for. To work as a nurse in New Zealand permanently, you will have to apply under the Skilled Migrant category. Most healthcare professionals come through this route.

With the high demand for professionals in the healthcare system, getting visas that permit you to live and work as a nurse in New Zealand is a lot easier. You can also get a visa through the work to Residence visa that allows you to work as a nurse in New Zealand temporarily.

Salaries of Nurses in New Zealand

There are varying factors that influence the salaries of nurses in New Zealand. Working in the private or public sector is one of them. Your age is another. There is also the question of whether it is direct or indirect employment through an agency. Generally, nurses earn as much as $NZD 60,000 to $NZD100,000, depending on their role. You are also entitled to a paid vacation. This also varies, with some employees getting as many as three weeks off.


New Zealand has an excellent healthcare system. All credit has to go to the twenty district health boards of different sizes that provide proper funding and quality administration. With consistent national health targets, there will be a continual need for health professionals, nurses included.

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