Nursing Degrees Houston

List of Top Ranking Accredited Nursing Degrees Houston

In this article, we will go over the fundamentals of accredited nursing degrees Houston. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses in Houston, Texas, who work in hospitals and medical offices may command a competitive pay of around $81,000 per year on average (BLS). The Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies (TCNWS) reports that there is a critical need for competent nurses in the state, and that this need will only rise as Houston’s population continues to grow along with that of its surrounding cities. By choosing to specialize with an advanced degree or certificate, RNs can earn more money and have a wide range of job opportunities.

Entry-Level ADN & BSN Programs in Houston, TX

By developing your nursing career, you may better serve others while also taking care of your family’s needs, as well as your own. It is both a calling and a vocational option to provide care for others. LPN to RN, ADN, and BSN programs are available to nurses in Houston, Texas, allowing them to advance in their careers.

LVN to RN Programs

Licensed vocational nurses devote a lot of time to providing bedside care for patients. If LVNs want to make a bigger difference in how patients are cared for, they can become registered nurses. Vocational nurses can complete accelerated LVN to RN bridge programs, like the one at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas, to earn an Associate of Science in Nursing in just three semesters. Most students can only work part-time while completing the program because it is so demanding and full-time in nature. Students can get ready for the NCLEX by choosing the LVN to RN option.

ADN Programs

With an Associate’s in Nursing, you can give patients direct care (ADN). Alvin Community College in Houston, which has some of the highest NCLEX exam pass rates in Texas, puts its nursing students on the right track. Students with few transfer credits can finish the ADN degree in two years or fewer. The college is not too expensive and has clinical connections with both the well-known Texas Medical Center in Houston and local healthcare providers.

Direct-Entry BSN Programs

With a BSN, you can start your nursing career with increased earning potential. Prairie View A&M University, which is an hour’s drive outside of Houston, Texas, is where traditional students can get a modern Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Students are ready to go to work when they finish the program because it teaches them both in the classroom and in the field. For RNs or LVNs who are currently employed, the university, which has historically served an African American community, offers accelerated options.

Top Ranked Accredited Nursing Degrees Houston

BSN/MSN programs for RNs in Houston, Texas

According to healthcare experts, RNs with bachelor’s degrees will be more common than not in the next five to 10 years. Since this trend has already started, why not get ahead of it by enrolling in Houston, Texas, bridge RN to BSN/MSN programs.

RN to BSN Programs

By finishing an RN to BSN program on your schedule, you can earn more money in less time. When looking at applicants, most hospitals give priority to registered nurses who have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. A flexible and reasonably priced bridge program is available from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, enabling graduates to meet the rigors of the nursing profession. The program offers both online and in-person classes.


RN to MSN Programs

Giving patients’ care gives nurse practitioners more freedom and power. For nurses looking to earn their Master of Science in Nursing with a focus in Family Nurse Practitioner, the University of Texas, Health Science Center of Houston offers a program that is primarily online. Clinicals and labs have to be finished on campus. The fully integrated approach lets students get their MSN in just one year, without having to finish their BSN first. This saves them time and money.

MSN Program

It’s okay that not all seasoned registered nurses will advance to management positions. A Master of Science in Nursing, however, will enable those who want to lead to do so more swiftly. The MSN in Administration program at the University of Houston emphasizes leadership development and healthcare business operations. For the MSN degree, students can choose between online and traditional courses, but clinicals must be done in person.

Work Environment and Working Hours for Nurses in Houston

Particularly in some environments, nursing may be a very demanding and stressful profession. To put this into perspective, if you decide to work in a trauma center or emergency room, know that these are very high-stress, fast-paced workplaces that demand immediate thinking and action to save lives. A lot of medical facilities, including hospitals and nursing homes, remain open all year round. This implies that you might work on the weekends, on holidays, or even during the night.

On the other side, you can decide to work at a medical facility that is only open during the weekdays throughout the day, such as an outpatient clinic. These kinds of environments are far less stressful and offer you greater consistency in your routine. In Houston, almost all nurses work full-time hours, however some might only work part-time, particularly in home health. When deciding whether to become a nurse in Houston, bear these points in mind.

Which Houston Hospitals are Hiring the Most Number of Nurses?

Some of the top hospitals in Texas, as well as the entire nation, are located in Houston. The Memorial Hermann network, which consists of the Southwest and Texas Medical Center campuses, has some of the greatest hospitals in the city. It is the state’s largest not-for-profit healthcare system and is renowned for its e-visits, which let patients consult with doctors and/or nurses online and receive a care plan in as little as 30 minutes.

Houston Methodist Hospital, Ben Taub General Hospital, and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the latter of which is a leader in cancer research and saves numerous lives each year, are other excellent hospitals in Texas that employ a lot of nurses. Here, some of Texas’s top clinical trials are conducted, and the facility’s nurses and nurse practitioners have extraordinarily high levels of job stability and fulfillment.

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